Dogri Paande

Jammu region with sizeable number of Dogra people is known for the finger-licking cuisines prepared by them. Dogri cuisine is popular for distinct taste and local flavours. The food is complete blend of both satvik and rajsic qualities which means Dogrifood contains both fresh, nourishing and healthy ingredients along with sour, salty, hot, bitter and dry ingredients. The former elements help human body to achieve balance in life whereas the latter one promotes thoughts of anger, jealousy, greed, etc. There are certain typical utensils in which traditional Dogri feast is prepared and most of them are listed below.

1.    Sagla (सगला)

Sagla is a metal utensil, a big cooking pot used to prepare meal in a traditional way. It is used in community kitchens and in few households too during family gatherings for the purpose of cooking rice

2.    Kada (कढ़ा)

This is another traditional metal utensil which is mostly used to cook vegetables during the feast.

3.    Uddani Aali Kauliyan (अड्डनी आहलियां कौलियां)

“Kauliyan” refers to the traditional vegetable bowls used to serve food to the guests.

4.    Uddani Aala Glass (अड्डनी आहला गलास )

It is a traditionally carved glass which is used to serve water or any other beverage to the people.

5.    Iron Taintha (लोहे दा तैंथा )

It is used more or less like a modern day skimmer to stir the contents of the meal while cooking.

6.    Tarambadi (तराम्बड़ी )

It is another bowl used for serving rice or other food items

7.    Degh (देग )

It is again a large cooking pot similar to sagla.

8.    Peedi (पीढ़ी )

It is a traditional stool, quite similar to a chair. It consists of a single seat without any armrests.

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