What's the rush to blow horn in busy traffic situation in Jammu?

Travelling is probably the toughest phase in our daily routine not only because its time consuming but also because one has undergo the pain of honking noises, pollution and what not. I am sure that there wouldn't have been a single day in your life when you didn't get irritated with the unnecessary honking on the roads. The problem is not only caused by big buses, matadors or cars even the bikes blaring horns makes you jump out of your vehicle and put an end to the whole issue.

Children being innovative and curious creatures often cover up their ears with fingertips but adults on the other hand face too many issues. Sincerely, I believe that blowing horns in today's life is not about letting the other person know to step aside but it has become a major ego clash issue. Constant honking becomes troublesome in most cases due to angst and impatience.

The reckless driving coupled with unnecessary honking creates an unpleasant situation. This honking culture has not only added to the major issues like road rage but the accidents are a major consequence of such stress stimulated situations.

Horn is meant for emergency, so it shouldn't be treated as a toy to play with. And a word of caution for those who aren't aware, honking near schools, hospitals and religious places is prohibited by law. Besides, please have some civic sense and wait patiently till the signal turns green. The "Horn Please" messages behind big trucks and cars are meant to inform you to use them in emergency and not to turn already busy roads into a fish market.

It is important for all of us to understand that the unwanted noise created by honking can actually affect the mental health and behavior of an individual by causing hypertension, depression, stress, panic attacks etc. So, kindly try to be patient and stop releasing your frustration by blowing horns.

You would be surprised to know that amid such commotion, there are few people who don't use horn to add to the pollution rather they stay calm, wait for the signal to turn green and then drive. Recently, a Kolkata based driver, Dipak Das was chosen for the Manush Sanman award for not honking for 18 years. He is a staunch supporter of "No-honking" policy.

If he can do it, I am sure, we all can do this. A proper sense of speed and timing can help you to stay alert while driving thus chucking the possibility of bringing a horn into use. So, try to avoid blowing horn and put an end to this nuisance on roads.


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