Google Doodle for December global festivities is a brilliant penguin illustration

NEW DELHI: The holiday season is upon us and the festive cheer in the air is hard to miss. While people are busy baking cakes, wishing each other or making plans for Christmas, there are also some who have packed their bags and left for vacation. December is the month of cakes, gatherings, festivities and vacation and Google, with an adorable doodle, is celebrating just that.

Today's Google Doodle features a pair of "slippery-footed siblings", who were first featured on December 18. And like last time, the doodle unfolds through a series of brilliant illustrations which trace the penguin siblings journey from the Southern Hemisphere to the tropics.

While the series begins with the penguins packing their bags after receiving a call from a macaw couple, in today's doodle they finally get to meet their friends and exchange gifts with them. The first slide shows them making arrangements to "spend time with their warm-weather relatives!"- two macaws living in the tropical area. In the third slide, all four of them can be seen enjoying a hearty meal.

The series will come to an end on January 1.


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