Rs. 18 per km still Jammu auto-rickshaw drivers charge in 100’s

The students, officers-goers and regular commuters are well versed with matador or bus fares but at the same time, many of you might have missed your school bus or the matador at some point in your life. In that case, you must have hired an auto-rickshaw and if you can recall the whole incident, the struggle is real when it comes to paying Rs. 50 just for the stop. Besides, we often travel to different states and regions so alongwith baggage, it becomes troublesome to reach your destination so we book an auto-rickshaw in that case. The motive in such a situation is to make our journey hassle-free but at that same time, the auto-rickshaw driver considers it a great opportunity to make money and he charges double the amount of already set up fares by the Transport department.


Most of you would be surprised to know that the actual fare for the first kilometer is capped at Rs. 18 and for the subsequent kilometres, you have to pay around Rs.14 per kilometre. In case you are making the auto to wait, it will cost you around Rs. 25 per hour with no charges for the luggage upto 25 kgs.

As per the revised fares, a person has to pay around Rs. 64 from Jammu airport to Asia Hotel for a distance of 4.50 kilometres. It is saddening that because of the unawareness, passengers suffer badly as the drivers charge around 200-300 bucks alone to drop you to Jewel Chowk from the Railway Station.


So, a word of caution for everyone who hires an auto every now and then, kindly decide the fare beforehand and ask them to show the rate list decided by the government so that he would not dare to fool you. The revised fares for the three wheeler-auto rickshaws are included in the article, kindly save the copy for your convenience.   


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