Pattal and Doonas

Pattal, a leaf plate on which food is served during Dhaam or Da'an is still used widely in rural areas of Jammu region. Feast or Dhaam (Taam) is a prominent part of the Dogra culture which is usually organised during family functions.

Besides, Pattal, Doonas are also made from the green leaves of Balungad tree. This particular kind of plate is made using tree leaves which are then joined by wooden sticks (includes twigs, toothpicks etc.) to make leaf plates and bowls.

The greens used to serve food are unusual for today's generation but it is heart-warming to see people keeping the ethnic and diverse culinary traditions alive. Earlier, the living conditions forced people who grew up on the hillside to adopt such techniques but this is still prevalent in rural areas.

The staple served right from traditional utensils (in which the food is prepared) does proper justice to both the food and the culinary traditions followed by the people of Jammu region, which mainly comprises Dogras. The food is typically simple and assortments of items put together all the flavours for the guests. Unique variety and fresh ingredients provides a great combination to devour Dogri food.


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