Twitter launches 'Moments' feature in India

NEW DELHI: The micro-blogging site, Twitter, has rolled out Twitter 'Moments' feature to its userbase in India.

Introduced on Friday evening, the new product will allow the Twitterati in India to curate stories by stitching together multiple tweets into a slideshow.

People in India will now be able take their own tweets, from their followers, of trending hashtags, and curate them all together in the form of a story.

Moreover, the 'Moments' tweeted will be open to be shared privately.

"While people were able to view 'Moments' from select partners before, they can now make and share 'Moments' and tell their own story. People can simply visit the Explore tab on Twitter or Twitter Lite, where they will discover stories unfolding on Twitter every day," Twitter India said, in a statement.

'Moments' also provides for marking the thread of tweets as sensitive material, if need be.

Interestingly, the feature has been available to users in United States for about a year-and-a-half and has been quite successful.

Twitter has also made it easier for users to discover latest 'Moments' across various news categories with the new 'Explore' tab featuring 'Moments' by Twitter's Curation team and @MomentsIndia partners.

"This gives Indians the opportunity to tell their stories globally, sharing the wonderful things that happen every day in the country with the rest of the world," the statement added.


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