Why do we celebrate Armed Forces Flag Day?

The fierce warriors of our security forces have laid down their lives for the nation. In order to allow citizens of this nation to show some obligation towards the countless soldiers who have sacrificed their lives, Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated.

George Orwell rightly pointed out that people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

December 7 is observed to remember the selfless martyrs and the day provides an opportunity to every Indian for contributing funds for the welfare of the Indian Armed Forces personnel. This day has been annually observed since December 7, 1949. The commemoration is done through distribution of flags and collecting funds from the same. The small flags distributed on this day contain red, deep blue and light blue colors on it representing the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy.


The main purpose behind observing Armed Forces Flag Day on December 7 is to rehabilitate the battle causalities, the welfare of serving Army personnel and their families and for the settlement of ex-servicemen and their families. The significance of the day lies in the fact that this day brings a great opportunity for all the Indians to show gratitude towards the veteran and current military personnel.

Speaking about the Armed Forces Flag day and its importance, Jawaharlal Nehru, who was then Prime Minister of India, on December 7, 1954 once said

A few weeks ago, I visited Indo-China and saw our officers and men attached to the International Commission there. It gave me a thrill to see their smart bearing and the good work they were doing in that distant land. What pleased me still more was their general popularity with the people there. By their efficiency as well as their friendliness, they enhanced the reputation of India. Among them were people from all parts of India. They observed no provincial or other differences amongst themselves. I am sure my countrymen will be pleased to learn of them and would like to indicate their appreciation of these young men who serve our country both here and elsewhere so well. A way to indicate that appreciation is to contribute to the Flag Day Fund.

The fund collection is managed throughout the country by the local arms of the 'Kendriya Sainik Board '(KSB), which is part of the Ministry of Defence.

In a similar appeal, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently tweeted about the contributing generously to Armed Forces Flag Day

"This Armed Forces Week, Join us in wearing Armed Forces flag between 1-7 Dec to pay respects to the brave sons & daughters of our nation. You can also contribute towards the welfare of war-widows, children of martyrs & ex-servicemen by visiting http://ksb.gov.in," she said in a tweet.

So, we all must agree that collecting funds for our brave soldiers should be a collective effort for which we should generously come forward and help.

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