BYC; Jammu based car remodelling company going places with their resilient custom vehicles

Started in the backyards of a residence, Back Yard Customs(BYC) Jammu is now residing in the hearts of ardent and eternal car lovers and is transforming auto mobile vehicles and creating unique and reflexively resilient custom vehicles for their clients all across the northern parts of the country. Once upon a time a Licensed Airmen along with once upon a time youngest car rally driver of India, Pranav Vir Singh and Dheemant Vir Singh, not only turned their auto mobile enthusiasm into an entrepreneurship venture but also blazed the trail by bringing in the car customisation to Jammu and Kashmir and changing the dynamics of the market through their car remodelling company based in Birpur, Jammu (J&K).

Driven by passion, precision and quality, the dynamic duo and their determined team are super-focused on how they create a customized experience for their customers. Back Yard Customs was officially launched in 2014 to satisfy the passion BYC shared while introducing in Jammu unique innovations for lovers of feature on automobiles beyond the conventional. Works of BYC enunciates the team's commitment to excellence and voices that whatever they do; they had put in 100 % of heart and soul into it and are reverberated in the outcome which is exceptionally a masterpiece.

BYC from backyards to leading the way; the caper ride

Back Yard Customs was officially established in 2014 to reconnoitre the ingenious possibilities within the world of cars and its lovers. Unofficially the dream of customizing cars and other automobiles started way before that when Dheemant, the younger brother of the duo used to customize vehicles for friends on little or no profit margin while the parents mistook the visits as a friends hangout time zone.

Dheemant was preparing for civils while Pranav was a formally trained pilot and flying places before they gave wings to their dreams. Pranav quitted his job and Dheement went on to participate in the Mughal rally in 2013 to become one of the youngest rally drivers of the country back then. There is a time in lives when one hears a voice which says you are not doing what you were born to do. With no formal training in automobile remodelling but very strong intuitive skills, Dheemant and Pranav convinced their parents see their calling and the purpose of BYC existence; the soul reason to modify the cars was an underlying love for machines and how they work, and wanting to improve upon what they could do each time, out doing their best.

Taunts followed for quitting Aviation for low mechanical works or not having a stable and a secured future but could not shake the indomitable spirit of these brothers as they went on setting their workshop with the initial financial assistance coming in from their father who was too unaware of the talent and potential of their passion and had lent the money only to test their solemnity.

Work was little slow in the initial phase when Team BYC was remodelling less and playing cricket more at their work station as the concept of remodelling technically and otherwise was not at all a popular domain in the state. First project came along with a Honda Civic for wrapping and audio work which was not a big project but a very exciting one for TeamBYC. What followed after this was a THAR project which was huge and they applied their creativity and talent to the fullest and changed everything from suspensions to body and left the BYC mark on the market. Since then there was no looking back and BYC has made a reputation for Offroading Rigs, specialise in rallying and off-roading. In 2016, it was BYC that made country's first rally duster with custom designed suspension system, traction management System that could be turned off and other features like special EBD. Success continued at BYC and now BYC is catering to clients from many parts of northern India.

BYC did face initial challenges like procuring tools and machinery at the right rates, providing the best of quality work, finding the right people and TEAM BYC takes it as a continuous process of evaluating and improvising on their standards to stand out from the ordinary and strive till good becomes better and better becomes best.

BYC and the dyed in the wool team

TeamBYC is a group of diehard and passionate people that drives on the same dream. If Pranav is the designer then it is Dheemant's technical support that will keep the things going on to put design to a reality. The fabrication unit headed by Manminder Singh, Body Shop headed by Sanjeev or the electrician Gora works so smoothly on the projection. Uttam ji is responsible to make sure that the admin of the office runs smooth, the official nuts and bolts are taken well care of and nothing comes in way of the smooth functioning. Prashant Khajuria,Bobo, Manik Thakur, Akshay Bhardwaj,Vikram Khajuria play a bridge balancing the mental, physical and other modalities for the success of BYC. They responsibly update and maintain the demeanour so that daily routine work is carried with flawlessness and exceptional excellence. BYC belongs to all its members and all take pride in the same. An important member who no longer works at BYC is missed badly by the team fondly remembered as Engg. Sahab, Abhishek Rathore.

A good car is driven on the balance of its wheels and Team BYC members are the wheels that steered the success of BYC through inspiration, inquisitiveness and innovation in identifying and solving while taking initiatives and leading change in auto mobile customisation industry in Jammu and Kashmir and in the areas around.

BYC and the strength behind

Pranav and Dheemant fondly remember how they converted a scooter into a car during the school break in 2004. They still feel the joy they derived from disassembling and assembling things to working mode. Pranav and Dheemant feel that their biggest strength comes from their parents, Mr. Raghubir Singh Retired IPS Officer who served J&K Police Dept. and Mrs. Bhawna Singh a home maker mom and a life insurance adviser who made them learn to set their own rules for strategizing, setting up, managing while following their heart. From their father came the technical soundness and invigorating attitude of sparing no effort for the goal.

Each time they faced a challenge; they rose above and performed better. Each time they heard a No, they did not get disappointed and turned the tables with sheer hard work and never give up attitude.

Team BYC also draw their inspiration from Steve jobs to present products aesthetically and uprightly and be the best at your niche in the world but don't be so exclusive that a majority of the world can't experience it and at BYC they follow that we are best in our niches but open to client's ideas and novel concepts.

Action speaks louder than words

TEAM BYC never compromise on quality

TEAM BYC and the love for their work

TEAM BYC and the BEST tag

Team BYC surely understands that like in every profession: you have to understand your client and enjoy the ride facing the challenge in achieving the client's vision, turning that image to reality while applying innovation and developing new techniques to match that vision. I along with team Jammu Links News wish that Team BYC carry the love for cars eternally and reflects their passion in every project they do. And for you people out there who want to meet up Team BYC, get ready to fall in love with the automobile subject as these guys can talk about cars all day, for them that's a common language, even with people they've never met before and you bet that will be one of the best conversations of your life.


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