Will the issue of overloaded matadors in Jammu ever resolve?

We often see overloaded matadors on the roads. We do pass judgment on the same and just let go and react to the same cursing the overloading situation when we hear of news of some lives lost because of the same situation and then again let go. We don't seem to care enough after a while and so does the authorities. Some unfortunate incident may make things cautious for a week or so but situation return to the abnormally normal scenario after that. Despite of repeated articles and citizen reports on Jammu Links News and other mediums, the overloaded matador issue remain unsolved and commutable on Jammu roads.

Thousands of city's commuters travel to and from through matadors. Many of these matadors are seen throughout the day carrying passengers more than the permitted capacity. The passengers travelling in the overloaded vehicles are packed in pitiable conditions. Because of overloaded vehicle, driver's efficiency to break and steer is reduced and it can lead to an accident. Due to unnecessary stress on the engine, chances of tires failure also increases and it further affects the vehicles stability. There is no doubt that these matadors are a cheap and convenient means of transport.

Overloading in these are used to ferry passengers from one place to another in rural and semi-urban areas, is quite visible and dangerous, but the authorities seem to be reluctant in initiating action against the violators. The traffic police have failed miserably to tackle the situation and the traffic police department seems to brush aside the issue establishing the fact that they are working hand in glove and paying no heed to the overloading problem.

It has become a common sight to see children and women with babies being crushed together and people falling from footboards. Will the authorities take some measures to curtail overcrowding in these matadors? Year after year, sight of overcrowding and commuters hanging on the public transport is on rise and traffic police and concerned authorities completely ignore the issue.

We at Jammu Links News once again bring this up, so that it is discussed at the authority's tables and some action is initiated on the same.

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