If you think it is just the 11th grader behind the Pradyuman Thakur murder case, think again!

The Ryan International School has been in news for quite some time and witnessed paradigm shifts in unfolding the mystery behind the Pradyuman Thakur murder case that left the entire country in austere shudder leaving a trepidation trail on parents and raised a lot of questions on children's security in schools. A lot of children security signature campaigns flooded the internet after the heart-rending incident. The police claimed in its investigation that it was the school bus conductor Ashok Kumar who brutally murdered Pradyuman after trying to sexually assault him. The whole of social media was swamped by the videos on good touch, bad touch, things around sexual abuse and various activities on staff segregation started at various levels to avoid such incidents in future. With the new twist; a class XI student is being arrested in the Pradyuman murder case who slit the throat of an innocent 7 year old school boy to postpone the school exams and the PTM.

The 11th grader who is believed to be the real culprit has taken into custody but if we really think of it, is he the real culprit or the only culprit behind the Pradyuman Thakur murder case?

It is quite a shocker motive behind the confession of this 11th grader who could have killed anybody for something as small as exams or it was quite opposite for this boy and across the continuum of this internal conflict, he killed Pradyuman who just happened to be at the wrong place and at the wrong time, but this boy was ready to take a life of anybody randomly to postpone exams and the PTM. We often see perplexing behaviour in children due to many reasons but if it is turning to frequent flashes of rage and violence; it needs help and not image masking like we saw in this particular case when the conductor was framed earlier. The rich parents, the management of the school & the Gurugram police tried to hid the facts and incriminate an innocent guy.

Won't all of that may result in another victim falling prey to the rage of the 11th grader in some way of the other? Aren't the parents responsible too for the act for they allowed their child to be in the mental state and isn't the school education system somewhere to be looked at for creating the fear of failure in exams which has evolved to become more complex and lethal. Every year suicide cases amongst students after results are on rise. Isn't it time to inculcate some alterations in the education system?

The father of the teenager is a lawyer of Gurugram and one of the wealthy individuals of the area owning properties. Classmates of the student arrested claimed he has a "vulgar character" and showed "rude behaviour" in school. This 11th grader who does not wished to be named was not so good in education and sports but a good piano player. According to some media reports he had anger issues and was dealing with some psychiatric progenies. Chronic anger can affect a person's well-being and even put the health of others in danger but was he born like that? No one is born like that and sadly in today's virtual world parents do invest in future education plans but finds no time in investing in quality time spending with their children or paying heed to their mental well-being. If their child is going through some mental issues, they hide the facts due to the social stigma.

The modern world - with all its increasing congestion, hectic pace, stress and constant bombardment of our senses with arousing stimuli - puts our brain's threat-detection mechanism on high alert, making it more likely to go off in response to a trivial provocation and could trigger things in all of us. As long as we are dealing with these triggers not putting our mental well-being at stake, it works out fine but anxiety, depression can come crashing into anyone's life smashing triggers putting our world upside down affecting our mental well-being.

Why it is not okay to deal with it like we deal with cold or cough? Why talking about it becomes such a taboo thing in the times when global communication can happen at the speed of light and why do families and friends not come in support turning off the opportunities to set off these triggers which could result in things like Pradyuman murder case? Why can't we stop the blame game and actually work on mental well-being at large and do our bit in raising humans who are humane in real sense?

At the same time is it not our responsibility as parents and as teachers to teach kids that it is okay to fail, what is not is to give up. If evaluating them on basis of pass or fail can be part of the education system, why can't be dealing with failures too could be the part of the same system? Is it not the time to work in this regard and not just flood posts on doing so this time?

I take your leave hoping that you will think over it!

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