Beautiful walls near Hotel Asia rake up alarming issues

A clean and beautiful city attracts scores of tourists and let their local residents to be proud of the place they live in. Further, beautification of walls adds to the exquisiteness and splendor. Recently, in order to commemorate the third anniversary of Swachh Bharat Mission as "Swachhata Hi Sewa ", Jammu Municipal Corporation organized open wall painting competition for retaining walls near Hotel Asia which continued for three days.

The then JMC Commissioner M. Raju was present on the event in which around 53 participants from different schools / colleges and other artists took part. The initiative for beautification of Jammu city under Swachh Bharat Mission was taken by Jammu Municipal Corporation in-collaboration with ICICI Bank Ltd. & J&K Bank. The top three paintings were given cash prizes of Rs 20,000, Rs 15,000 and Rs 10,000 respectively.

The artists came along with different ideas for the makeover of the long wall near Hotel Asia. The competition went on for three days in which artists painted different alarming issues faced by the society, some historical places etc. The artists were provided a free hand to paint whatever comes to their mind but it is appreciable that they came up with such good concepts like domestic violence, abuse, cleanliness drive, historical monuments of the city, go green slogans and local culture etc. The wall basically covers all the major aspects of the city and can be considered as a tribute to all such things be it social causes, saving water, cleaning the city or anything. Hence a variety of artworks can be seen on these beautifully retained walls.

One of the paintings was dedicated to save water with a thought-provoking quote saying "The next battle will be fought over water" in which soldiers were seen protecting the tap. Many others came up with such similar thoughts and painted those on the walls with a vision. The best part of the initiative was that all the artists happily completed their tasks which left all the passersby pleasantly surprised.

Jammu Municipal Corporation made a great attempt towards beautifying the white walls but now it is our responsibility to keep them clean so we should not deface the walls or let anyone to do so. Let us pledge to take care of the walls and be responsible enough to deal with the issues highlighted on them. It is moral responsibility to help and educate people and make them conscious about the efforts that they can put in to bring a change in the society.


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