7 things you must do this Diwali

Diwali arrives in full zest as we load on crackers and sweets. The beautiful festival of lights brings such a liveliness in the city of temples that it is a bliss to have a Diwali spent in Jammu. As Diwali is a celebration of a historic event, it comes with a set of rituals and traditions. These beautiful cultural routines keep us in touch with our heritage. Alongside Lakshmi Poojan, here are a few things that you must do on this Diwali:

The Morning Rangoli:

Beautiful colours, skilfully crafted into attractive designs and patterns on the front porch of the home is a welcoming site. This ritual is especially popular among girls who take their time and create beautiful masterpieces with colours, flowers and diyas (earthen lamps). So, awake your inner artist and create your own masterpiece.

Sweets and Gifts:

Diwali is the time when young ones look for chocolates and old ones look for company as we meet and greet our loved ones and neighbours. We visit our relatives and friends and exchange gifts and sweets in between. So, visit that old friend or your uncle whom you have been missing.

Diwali Shopping:

The bazaars of Gandhi Nagar, Janipur and Old city are decorated with lights and gift goodies. They are also overloaded with sweets, electronic shops are out showcasing latest gadgets with heavy discounts. It is the right time to go for home shopping as there are many schemes and offers. It is also an ideal time for owning a car with the huge discounts and gifts offered on Diwali sale.

Eat out or cook in:

It's Diwali and it is when you should ditch that hard diet for a day and indulge in heavenly Bhathure- Chhole of Pahalwan or better yet, cook them enjoy with your family and friends. Yes, cook traditional and forget weight loss for a day, as a happy tummy means happy you, after all Diwali is a celebration of happiness.

A clean and welcoming house:

Diwali means visit from a lot of Guests and well, they would love a clean house. A lot of people get their houses painted freshly on Diwali, and those who don't, clean it properly. So, get up and start a spree and dust those old flower pots off. After all, Goddess Lakshmi visits the cleanest of the houses, so don't miss out on welcoming Lakshmi in both your home and life.

Light it up!

Well, tradition is to light diyas of desi ghee. But, we all know how expensive that can be, so ditch those Chinese cheap lights this year and buy some earthen diyas. Put in some vegetable oil and cotton spindles and light them up. It is a lot better than those lights and twinkling, natural diyas look a sight. This will also support the dying market of pottery.

Fireworks, but be responsible:

Well, we all accept or not, we love some fireworks and it is okay to spend a little on them as long as we are being responsible. Buy quality crackers and supervise you children in playing with them.  


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