This Diwali, do light a diya but also be someone's light!

5 Non Conventional ways to spread smiles this festive season

Markets are overwhelming, shops display more than the capacity of its walls with special stalls outside their shops, heavy discounts on almost every item is attracting people, people are moving like swarm of bees purchasing items and gifts for their near and dear ones. There are pollens of joy floating in the air accompanied by bubbles of questions as to what gift should be given to whom. Simple to intricate rangoli designs are ready to adorn the threshold of homes. Amidst this plethora of joy, happiness and abundance we need to dig a little deeper and realize that are we really spreading joy? What about those who have lost their close ones and those who were left out by their close ones? Poverty stricken, underprivileged ones, the old age residents, the orphans, the disabled, street vendors etc become our responsibility. Even if we light up a single day of any single person, who really needs light, believe me you're already done with your celebration. They don't need presents; they need some presence, some kind words, and some encouragement that would guide them and light them up.

Humanity is an endangered emotion. All of us are so busy treading the wheels of our lives that we forget that there are some people who need love to make through the hard battles life has unfairly put across them. So, this festive season don't just light the light but be someone's light.

  • OLD AGE HOME- The bitter and gloomy stories of the residents of old age home are sure to break your heart. They are at that stage of their lives where they need constant love and care. Back in their younger days they'd have never thought that one day they'd be expelled from their own homes just because nuclear families are in trend or they become too much of a responsibility.


What you can do- Along with your friends and family, decorate the old age home with lights, make rangoli with their help. Organize a tea party along with the help of your friends and old age authorities and gather every resident together. Play small games, be all ears to their stories of the good young days, let them go down the memory lane and feel beautiful once again. Sing their favorite songs together in a melody. Ask them all the mischievous tales of their good old days. Tell them they are not alone, more than that let them feel they are not alone.


  • ORPHANAGES- Life can be cruel sometimes. When you visit orphanage you'll feel how unappreciated you'd been to all the gifts bestowed upon you.


What you can do- Organize a rangoli making competition, or diya/candle making and facilitate the winners along with small goodies for the rest or you can conduct a simple display your talent where the children will be allowed to showcase their abilities. Sit with them, narrate them stories or arrange a projector or a screen from the authorities and have a great movie time.

  • VISIT A SLUM- The slum people lack the basic necessities. They sustain in deplorable surroundings.


What you can do- We all have heap of clothes we no longer need or wear. Wash them properly, iron them. Ask your friends for the same. The toys that you no longer use, the footwear etc, distribute them in the slums with a box of sweets and spread smiles. Distribute stationary amongst the kids. Talk to the government school nearby about the admission of all the underprivileged children living in the slums or take the matter to an NGO. We can use education as a tool to lighten up their future and keeping them from indulging in heinous crimes or child labor. We talk about change, let's be the change.


  • GIVE THE WORKING CLASS- While some get string of days off from work during the festive season, there are some people whose work quadruples in this period like the pizza delivery boy, the postman, domestic helper, street vendors, sweepers etc.

What you can do- Keep some greeting cards ready along with a box of sweets and some boxes of candles and diyas. Hand them the same buy with a smiling face. Thank them for their services. This small gesture will make their entire day.



This won't be a usual ordinary day. Your life will change after this day and you will become more humble. During this festive season visit a physically challenged or a mentally challenged home and see all your problems shrink to a grain size.


What you can do- Take scented candles, some toys along with some sweets and distribute them yourself amongst the kids. Make greeting cards and paint diyas with them. It'll be worth your time and effort and nothing will bring you more contentment in your life more than those priceless smiles.


Once you really pull the brakes of the ever increasing speedy car of your life, you'll realize what you have been taking for granted and how really special you are. You'll understand the true essence of life. The festivals are not here to stay. They'll leave and then come back again the next year. The beauty lies in the fact that it gives us reasons to celebrate. Those smiles are equivalent to the sky lit up with firecrackers. Let's be someone's light. Why only light up only a diya this season when you can also light up someone's life?


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