Celebrate girl power on ‘International Girl Child Day'

Women, the creators of the planet are a source of great inspiration and power for the world. Presently, there are around 1.1 billion girls in the world and this day i.e., International Day of the Girl (IDG) on October 11 aims to highlight the problems faced by girls while promoting and empowering to contribute to world's progress.

Some facts related to the celebration of International Day of the Girl:

1) United Nations General Assembly adopted the resolution 66/170 to declare October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child in order to acknowledge women rights and the challenges faced by them on daily basis

2) This year's theme is "EmPOWER Girls: Before, during and after crises" and this year marks the beginning of a challenging task to get global attention on the issue while highlighting the problems faced by girls before, during and after crises.

3) It is heart-rending fact that almost every 10 minutes, an adolescent child is killed as a result of violence and across the conflict areas, girls are 90 percent likely to drop out of school which means they are denied basic education that can hamper their future.

4) Though in the last 15 years, significant progress has been made globally for improving the living condition of girls yet the empowerment has not reached to a satisfactory point.

5) Women are required to be prioritized in three things; first being education, second is preventing their early marriages and enabling safe movement from one place to another.

6) The global community has launched Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for implementation over the period of next 15 year in order to recognize the achievements made in supporting young girls, while at the same time aspiring to support the current and upcoming generation of adolescent girls, to truly fulfill their potential as key actors in achieving a sustainable and equitable world.

We as a society need to unite to provide a safe, educated, and healthy life to the girls and stop discriminating on the basis of gender. Let us teach our boys not to whistle, harass or stalk girls and let us stop this practice of sex determination. Let's take a pledge to speak against domestic violence and provides our daughters with equal freedom. These small decisions can help them to take bold decisions in their lives and become independent and confident individuals.



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