Underage drivers on a risk point in Jammu

JAMMU: For the first time, I am writing something which surely is story of most teenagers in Jammu. Before that, I say it with regret that gone are those days when bicycle was a privileged gift. These days you find teenagers who zoom around on their two/four wheelers. These teenagers are given two gifts by their parents. Firstly, these vehicles and secondly, consent by their respective parents to drive/ride these vehicles without driving license. I want to convey my opinion on this very big crisis in most simple manner. All parents should understand that the most critical time everyday for the whole family is when any child of the family goes out riding/driving everyday without driving license. Basically, all parents are aware that their child has no driving license. So clearly it is they who put these underage drivers on a risk point by allowing them to move out of their houses on these vehicles.

I noted that most of the teenagers presently in Jammu are riding / driving without license. The list of such teenagers is really long. All you need to do is that just start noticing this thing on daily basis. Start it only in your locality and you will realize how serious this problem is. We all acknowledge that these days life of all people is very busy. And I believe that this is taken as a foremost excuse by all parents who buy vehicles to these teenagers in an age when they cannot get a driving license. Another factor which is adding to this problem is that some parents buy their children vehicles at a young age to keep them in ease. This all further create an intense situation. Most of these teenagers start by going to their schools, tuitions and finally roam all over Jammu on these vehicles. In many cases they end up with road accidents as these teenagers tend to show off their driving skills by doing stunts. Even girls nowadays show the same adrenaline rush. These teenagers are not at fault completely as their state of mind in this age keeps them always in a hurry. At times the reason of accident is that they use cell phones and even listen to loud music while driving. My suggestion to parents is that if you want to enquire about your child's driving habits then go & ask your neighbors as they may tell you the truth. With the rising number of cases of road accidents when teens are involved they try to get away by bribing the men in blue.

I make a humble appeal to parents that you should never buy vehicles to your children until they have a driving license otherwise this can have a great impact on their future. Simply think if your child gets seriously hurt or hurts someone seriously. What all legal consequences will arise if such thing happens in absence of a driving license? If parents become successful in stopping this then it could ease half of the problem. Before this it is required that parents must make their children aware about the dangers of driving without license. I know it is very difficult these days because parents succumb to pressure of their children who too are acting under peer pressure. Somewhere this fault lies in whole society, since this is like a reaction which starts from one family and reaches another family. I have seen in some families how mothers support such demands of their children. Such mothers have reasons like; their children can drop them to any place, in case of emergency they have someone who can drive etc. While doing all this mothers forget that they are putting their children in grave danger.

Life has become easier ever since these vehicles have come on the roads but presently, all teenagers who drive without license are living an extremely dangerous life. On our part it is required that we take steps to stop them from doing it. Some measures if adopted may help to minimize occurrence of such accidents. Also it is believed that every year hundreds of cases happen in which people get injured in road accidents in Jammu. I am sure like me many other people must be sharing same concern but awareness in most cases come only after becoming victim of such situations. I am sure all parents have dreams for their children so let's stop children from driving without license. To all parents my advice is that please don't play with life of your child. When it comes to parenting, you have to decide whether you do your job right if you allow your child to go out without license next time. I wish all stay safe but sometimes we need to act immediately as time flows.

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