Dogri food to relish on this Navratri festival

Festivals in our country are synonymous with veneration, delicacies, and colours and among all these festivals; Navratri is celebrated with great fervour. The nine day celebration lets you enjoy every great Navratri delicacy. The celebrations vary across the country as all people worship deities but in some parts of the country, devotees do not keep fasts like in South India. On the contrary, fasting is observed at a great scale in norther region. In north India, specific kind of flours are chosen to make meals during this fasting period which includes singhade ka atta (water chestnut flour), kuttu ka atta (buckwheat flour) , rajgira ka atta (amaranth flour) and sama ke chawal ka atta (barnyard millet flour). And when the discourse is about Dogra households, undoubtedly they make scrumptious food during this celebration which they savour with their friends and family. Some of the dishes made by Dogras during Navratri which are relished by one and all include:

Sabudana khichdi: An appetizing delicious dish of tapioca pearls prepared with potatoes and peanuts. Vegetarians swear by this gluten free recipe.

Sabudana kheer: The sabudana kheer is creamy in texture and once it is served to you, it will be difficult for you to resist biting into these pearls. In case some people enjoy it in a different consistency, they can allow the kheer to cool down first for few minutes and then they can relish it.

Kuttu ki khichdi: This recipe is comparatively easy to prepare. All you need is buckwheat groats (sabut kuttu), potatoes and peanuts. Kuttu ki khichdi is a nutritious food.

Kuttu ka paratha: Those who relish parathas can make parathas with buckwheat flour and enjoy them with mashed potatoes.

Singhade ki poor: The pooris made from water chestnut flour are light and easy to digest so health freaks can savour them without thinking twice.

Dahi aloo: This dish adds a little twist to the regular aloo sabzi as this curry is made with potatoes and yogurt.

Jeera aloo: If you are starving and do not have much time on your hands, you can go for this quickly prepared dish.

Dahi arbi: Healthy and tasty dish, Colocasia-taro roots in thin yogurt gravy can work as a great tummy filling recipe.

Vrat wale aloo: Mostly prepared dish during fasting period is crumbled potato recipe without using onion and garlic.


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