Six major reasons to deport Rohingyas settled in Jammu

Rohingyas, a miniscule Muslim minority of around 40,000 people who wished to be separated from Burma and attached to Pakistan have sought refuge in India. After their demands of moving to Pakistan were denied, they got involved in insurgency against the native Buddhist population of Rakhine state of Myanmar.

Out of these 40,000 people, thousands decided to choose Jammu as their state hence started settling in the outer regions Jammu region. It is important to note that Jammu and Kashmir is a sensitive state hence settlement of Rohingya Muslims is a serious security threat.

The biggest issue as of now is that Indian Muslims despite having no commonality between them and Rohingya Muslims are taking their side which is adding up to political melee. The Narendra Modi government has made the message loud and clear that Rohingyas will be deported to their country as their settlement in India can result in division of society and can spike up the security threats.

There are certain reasons which reaffirm the fact that the settlement of Rohingya Muslims in India is a debatable issue of national security threat. Following reasons sum up the real reason behind protests supporting Rohingyas:

1) The Centre government has announced that Rohingyas will be deported to Myanmar. Union minister Kiren Rijiju has categorically stated that Rohingya are illegal immigrants and will be deported. The home ministry issued a circular to all states, asking them to identify these refugees in order to send them back.

2) Rohingyas settled in in Jammu, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mewat are involved in terrorist activities thus spreading communal and sectarian violence in India which has serious national security ramifications.

3) Rohingyas are believed to be involved in procuring fake/fabricated Indian identity documents such as PAN and voter ID cards and are indulged in illegal activities like mobilization of funds through hawala channels.

4) Owing to their bitter experience with Buddhists, Rohingya Muslim can become a reason to cause violence in India against Buddhists.

5) As per the reports, in Jammu alone, seventeen FIRs have been registered against 38 Rohingya for various offences, including those relating to illegal border crossings and the data reveals that around five thousand seven hundred Rohingya are in the state, almost all of them in Jammu.

6) Major political opposition in the state is hell bent on deporting them back to their country as they believe Rohingyas will disintegrate the City of Temples. But on request, the Centre government has adopted all the necessary steps to deal with Rohingya Muslims who have sought refuge in India.

People involved in protests to save Rohingyas in India belongs to a particular section of the society for which Rohingyas can serve as a vote bank thus displaying regressive behavior of vote bank politics.


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