Dharmarth Trust refutes allegations by SVO

JAMMU: Claiming that Tuesday's Vigilance action was based on false information and instigated by those having certain vested interests in creating a controversy, the J&K Dharmarth Trust has refuted all the allegations leveled by the investigating agency.

In a statement issued, the Dharmarth Trust has said that the State Vigilance Organization (SVO) or other concerned authorities should have at least gone through the basic facts and existing laws and regulations before initiating such actions.

"The land property at Nandani near tunnel is purely proprietary of J&K Dharmarth Trust from the period of Maharajas, the Ex-Rulers. This property stands granted to Rani Pathani wife of late Raja Ram Singh and the same was subsequently transferred to J&K Dharmarth Trust Department in 1935 through a Royal command by late Maharaja Hari Singh and has been managed and controlled continuously till date by J&K Dharmarth Trust," says the statement.

The statement further mentions that the temples and Dharmarth Trust properties of J&K State were reserved and out of Government as well as Legislature Assembly control under section 7 clause (g) of Regulation 1 of 1991 (Bikrami) upon which Ain-e-Dharmarth stands, as reflected under all State laws.

"Hence, Nandni land property continued purely a proprietary property of J&K Dharmarth Trust. This fact also stands guaranteed along with "Wakaf properties" under Trust Act, 1977 (1920). Since the Dharmarth Trust was created by Maharaja Gulab Singh in 1846 with his personal donation of Rs 5 lakh, the land Revenue entries under record of rights/ownership column for Dharmarth Trust used to be reflected as "Sri Sarkar Daulatmadar, Sarkar, Hazoor-ul-Anwar etc" but it never attributed to the present popular Government. This fact also stands communicated by the Financial Commissioner (Revenue), J&K State to the Secretary to Government vide his office communication dated 03.05.1975," the Trust statement further explains.

Also giving reference of a State High Court judgment on 13.08.2009, according to which the properties of J&K Dharmarth Trust were never considered as State properties prior or after 26th of October 1947, the statement said that the Nandni property was also submitted under the list of Dharmarth Trust properties to the court during proceedings of that case

"Keeping in view of these facts, Dharmarth Trust believes that the action by SVO and other departments was unlawful and the trust shall take all necessary legal measures to protect its interests in this regard," the statement added.


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