Authorities wake up; issue a helpline for accident victims

Matador menace is prevalent in Jammu as well as outside the state. The unruly matadors create chaos on the roads and flyovers which oftentimes create a dangerous situation for pedestrians. The unscheduled matadors further add to traffic woes but the major problem these days includes over speeding which is causing heart-rending accidents. Though traffic police is deployed everywhere yet there is no discipline and these matadors create traffic jams and chaotic situation.

Due to unsystematic drivers, young kids riding bikes and even pedestrians get hit by these vehicles thus a special call needs to be taken against the ruthless driving. Recently, a 14-year-old girl was crushed by a private bus on Jammu-Pathankot highway which finally led to massive protests in that area but the question remains the same, when will the concerned authorities and local administration will come to rescue and put an end to this menace? The driver shamelessly left the scene completely abandoning his vehicle.

Not only speeding but overloading matadors is another issue which needs to be dealt with. Most of the matadors plying on the roads violate rules thus causing traffic congestion and wreaking havoc on the life of commuters. The overloaded matador can turn turtle anytime hence a major accident can happen thus commuters live in great danger.

Then, these drivers have accepted racing as one of their hobbies which results in someone's death every now and then. The immature behavior of stopping matadors in the middle of the road and chasing passengers like mad cows is horrible to even think about.
So, in order to curb this menace, government needs to bring a helpline for people who die in road accidents owing to the lack of assistance. That student could have been saved only if the driver would have acted responsible and not fled from the spot.

The legal loopholes in the system need to be addresses to make this system more accountable. Passengers frequently complain regarding the loud musing blaring from these vehicles but all in vain. The men in blue must confiscate the permits if any driver is ever seen over speeding the vehicle so that at least school and office goers can travel in matadors without much worry.

Report submitted by Rakshika Gupta

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