Shiva Parvati Samvad

"I am eighteen today" said Parvati with a sparkle in her eye, "and you are my birthday gift"

" I must admit"said Shiva,"I have been called many things, but a birthday gift, this is new"

"Ah that may be so, but I have taken my very birth to be with you" said Parvati, and therefore the first day that I have actually met you, is obviously a gift. A huge one, my Lord" she smiled.

"Be with me?arent you being a bit presumptious young lady?" asked Shiva raising his tone.
"Why? I just want to look after your needs."
"My needs? You are doing this for me? But I do not want a woman in my premises" said Shiva sternly.

"Why not, my Lord, if you will be kind enough to tell me, so that I at least content myself with the reason" replied Parvati.

"Because I am a Yogi, and Yogi's do not like to have any association with women" said Shiva .

"Why? How can a woman hurt you my Lord?" asked Parvati.

"Hurt me? Who could hurt me? Surely not this world! There was a time that I thought this world is selfish, it doesn't care for anyone else's feelings, and therefore, yes, I also thought it can hurt my feelings..but now.."
"But now , my Lord?"

"Now ,I have meditated deeply enough to know there is no world" said Shiva.

" I do not agree, just because you are living so far from the world, it doesn't mean the world doesn't exist.Look down the valleys, my Lord, there are millions of people there, millions of lives that have to follow the laws of Nature, in order to live." said Parvati .

"There is a state of being .." said Shiva, " Which is so subtle, that it is pure formlessness.
An awareness of just ‘being'. And in that state, one comes to know that there is no world,
it is only the pure consciousness .There are no millions of people, There is only the ONE ; And the rest are all projections, images, like a film, a play, an act."

"I see" said Parvati, "So then my Lord, if we are not really the multitudes that we think we are, if we are only a projection, if we are just part of a play, then why does it bother the One Yogi, whether a woman attends on Him, or just Nandi the old faithful, in the image of a bull.." she asked .

Shiva noticed how extraordinarily beautiful Parvati was, when she spoke animatedly, completely absorbed in the argument she was making. He smiled " I guess you have a point there young lady"
"And?" Parvati smiled back.
"And you may therefore attend on us as per your request for forty days. But make sure you do not interrupt my meditations"
"I shall make sure that no projection, play or act disturbs the pure consciousness of the ONE, my Lord" said Parvati. Shiva looked at her for a moment and then burst out laughing at her superb sense of humour. Nandi followed into a spontaneous echo, as did Himavat.The cave resounded with a palpable happiness. And then Nandi found involuntary tears on his own cheek; He hadn't heard his master laugh like that for a thousand years.


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