Google Doodle celebrates Teacher's Day with the logo turned into a virtual classroom

NEW DELHI: Google is celebrating Teacher's Day today with a doodle where the alphabets of the Google logo transform into students and teachers, with a virtual blackboard behind them highlighting different subjects.

In the animation, the 'g' in the centre of the Google logo is transformed into a teacher while the other alphabets look like attentive students. In the background, you have a slideshow of animated posters which touch upon different subjects such as mathematics, music, geography, science, environmental studies and so on.

Teacher's Day is celebrated in India on 5 September. It is a day to thank your teachers, not just from school or college, but anyone in general who has taught you important lessons in life. In India, Teacher's Day is celebrated in the honour of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on his birth anniversary. Dr Radhakrishnan was the first vice-president and the second president of independent India. He also happened to be a respected scholar and was a teacher of philosophy as well.

While the world Teacher's Day is celebrated on 5 October, the date varies from country to country. For instance, in Malaysia it is celebrated on 16 May, in Vietnam it is celebrated on 20 November and so on.


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