The strongest guard

One day, as He saw the herd of oxen approaching the greenlands, He noticed a head above the rest, almost as if a man were walking erect. It was a strange sight.

This thing, it was like a man; it had the body of a man, but it was built like a bull. The chest must have easily been among the largest that Rudra had ever seen.

When the humongous creature came right next to Him and thrust its face forward, Rudra noted that it did certainly have the face of a bull. There were two magnificent horns on the robust head. The bull smiled, displaying pearly white teeth.

But what shocked Rudra was when He heard "Namaste Rudra." The bull actually spoke to Him! 

"You speak?" Rudra uttered, He actually couldn't believe what He had heard.
"Yes, I learnt your language, my Lord," replied the bull.

"My Lord? You know me? We know each other?" asked Rudra.

"I know of you, and I have always wanted to know you, and be with you as my Lord," replied the bull.

"And why is that?" asked Rudra.

"Because I want the best for myself," replied the bull, flexing his chest to its enormous fullest. "I want to be the best friend of the best Being in the cosmos, nothing less. For I am Nandi," He thundered.

"Nandi, the strongest Minotaur that has ever been, will ever be, and I, Nandi, will serve only the greatest Lord as my Master and best friend."


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