The shortcuts in Windows

We cannot imagine our world without computers. Computers have evolved over the period of time and so have the windows, one of the most common operating systems used on desktops, laptops etc. From Windows NT 3.1, it now consists of three operating system subfamilies that are released almost at the same time and share the same kernel. Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows RT are members of this family but Windows 3.1 is not. The latest version is Windows 10. Windows is quite an easy interphase and there are some really cool short cuts that saves time and effort while working on it.

Alt + Tab - switch between open tabs.

Win - opens the Start Menu, however, in Windows 8.1 it opens the previous window.

Win + ⇧ Shift + M - restore windows that were minimized.

Win + A - opens the Action Center in Windows 10.

Win + B - selects the first icon in the Notification Area. You can then go through the icons with the arrow keys.

Win + C- shows the Charm Bar in Windows 8 and 8.1. In Windows 10 it opens Cortana.

Win + Ctrl + B - switches to programs indicating new messages in the Notification Area

Win + D - minimizes all open windows to display the desktop.

Win + Ctrl + F - opens ‘find computers'.

Win + E - opens Windows Explorer. In Windows 10 it opens the Quick Launch by default.

Win + F - opens ‘find files and folders'.

Win + G - brings all gadgets to the foreground that are in process on Windows 7 and Vista. This combination opens the Game Bar in Windows 10.

Win + K - opens a new Start menu. In Windows 8 and 8.1, it opens Connections.

Win + L - changes user or locks the workstation.

Win + M - minimizes all windows.

Win + O - locks device orientation.

Win + P - switches operating modes to an external monitor/projector. This works for Windows 7 and anything newer than that.

Win + Q - opens Search charm for installed apps.

Win + R - opens the ‘run dialog' box.

Win + T - switches focus to the Taskbar on Windows 7 and anything newer.

Win + U - opens the Utility Manager.

Win + W - opens Windows Ink Workspace (notes, screenshots).


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