Teaching history, cultural heritage; our responsibility towards younger generations

Language, cultural heritance, the rituals our ancestors performed, the historic epics, all of these have proficiency in reinforcing in future generations, a sagacity of individuality and identity distinctiveness. Being close to roots and the culture infuse a sense of pride and is a great tool to teach and appreciate diversity of cultures and identifying one's self being by knowing the heritage.

Every day when we interact with different people belonging to different cultures, an integration of different cultures takes place. One must have notice that when we are out of our hometowns and we get a chance to meet someone who knows our hometown or the culture or the language, bonds are strengthened.

Understanding who we are is surely one of the most important questions in our lives. The answer definitely becomes difficult to seek when we are unaware of the depth of our culture and history. Anxious about the fact that rich history of Dogra rulers capitulating, sitting Peoples Democratic Party MLC Vikramaditya Singh, grandson of Maharaja Hari Singh seeks government intervention to sort out the quandary around the historical perspective on Dogra rulers by introducing chapters on Dogra rulers in children text books in schools of the state.

Vikramaditya Singh is constantly making an effort to create a connection between the youth and the glorious history of the Dogra rulers. He has been persistently writing to State Education Minister Altaf Ahmad Bukhari and also have written to Naeem Akhtar in the past stating the indigence of the same.

"It is criminal to hide such information from our youth and brain wash them in to believing otherwise. I will like you to take appropriate measures to begin imparting true knowledge to the young and impressionable minds who are going to be the future of tomorrow. I have full faith that our Government will set the historical perspective on Dogra rulers right ", Vikramaditya recently wrote to State Education Minister.

Singh also points out his concern and strongly believes that Dogra history is being side-lined.

"It has been a matter of great concern that there is only tertiary mention of the Golden era of Dogra rule in J&K in our school text books. It is unfortunate that a deliberate attempt has been made post 1947 to side-line Dogra history and even show it in bad light. I believe our young children have the right to be presented with the correct historical perspective and then allowed to form their own impressions", Singh had written to Naeem Akhtar, the preceding State Education Minister and also suggested the following measures

(a) A panel of eminent historians & educationalist be set up for this purpose.
(b)One chapter each may be dedicated to the rulers, starting with Maharaja Gulab Singh, the founder of J&K State. Then going on and highlighting the institutions set up & reforms made during each of their tenure ending with Maharaja Had Singh and his most forward, visionary and progressive reforms in the fields of Education, Women's rights, health care, etc.

We do not know whether the suggestions by Vikramaditya will be accepted or not but we do know that it's our responsibility to teach our younger generation and others about the history and the heritage to make them close to their roots. Discovering who we are is a very significant aspect and to do the same one needs to be open to learning about the essential elements of our identity and knowing the antiquity and the culture as the same helps in constructing our identity building a sense of pride.



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