Reality of cult leaders like 'Ram Rahim Singh' and their blind followers

The culture of self-styled gurus and their cults exists in India since a long time. Godmen or godwomen from different sections of the society appear from anywhere and then start winning over people by expounding different philosophies of life and shockingly people hardly wonder about the "Brainwashing" done by theses self-proclaimed spiritual leaders. The recent incident of Dera Sacha Sauda chief Baba Ram Rahim Singh's conviction is another example of how allegations surface against these gurus following which they are put behind the bars for their crimes. Dera Sacha Sauda chief was a con man who was masquerading as a spiritual leader. But at the same time, it is indicator of how our society is being exploited by these self-styled spiritual leaders due to the vacuum in one's life.

Tactics used to get followers

One of the important reasons because of which people are influenced by these leaders is that everyone feels that they are born on this planet have to follow a calling or believe that they need to be spiritually awakened to understand the life's reality. Thus, once when they come across these gurus, people put in mammoth amount of belief and unshakeable faith in them. Slowly and steadily, people attend their workshops and shift to the ashrams which in their heads are meant to make their lives worth living.

In multiple articles which surfaced recently on the internet, one thing was clear that these cults thrive on people's yearning to find something worthwhile in their lives. Scores of people are leaving their flourishing careers to pursue the stress-free life in ashrams unfortunately only to get subjected to assault. But with the passage of time, they come to realization that these stays are far more sinister than their imagination.

Detachment from families

Firstly, theses cults detach people from their families and then they are made to believe that they are born for a higher purpose in their lives and they can use their knowledge for helping the underprivileged section of the society. Little did these devotees realize that they are being dragged down a dark path from which they will never entirely recover. Ashrams are often bereft of grandeur and the calm and spiritual environment of the place makes you believe that the place is heaven neither close-minded nor overly religious; this breath of fresh air does the subtle psychological influence which helps the leader of the cult to brainwash people. As per the paper published in the Cultic Studies Journal, there is prevalent misconception among majority that only crazy, weird or people having below average IQ join cults but the fact is that usually people from stable backgrounds and above average intelligence joins these groups and then become dedicated cult members.

In order to thrive in the society, these self-styled godmen often target the brightest of the people in the society to establish them. Apart from being a guru, they are good marketers selling their speeches and programs like hot cakes thus their involvement in sexual assaults, cheating and extortion is not a surprise for most of the people. They create the ambience and make you feel close to god and speak at length about spreading happiness and peace through meditation etc.

Besides, the cult heads hardly leave any evidence and always ensure to remove evidences against them while committing the crime. The conviction of Asaram Bapu and Ram Rahim Singh in indecent assaults proves that people must question the philosophies of these self-styled godmen before following them blindly.

Afterwards, victims are left with long term scars which deprive them of building trust in any future relationship hence causing mental trauma and massive insecurity issues.


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