To Manifest a God

"Place this bilva leaf over the top of the shivlinga"said the priest

Himavat gently placed a leaf over the shivlinga and Parvati followed suit with her tender hands.
"Now hold the golden vessel firmly,and pour the water over the shivlinga, and say Aum Namah Shivaye" , said the priest.
"Aum namah Shivaye" said Himavat loudly and poured water.
Parvati nodded her head and carried out the priest's instructions immaculately,
" Aum Namah Shivaye.Aum Namah Shivaye"
A bilva leaf slid from the top and came to rest at the centre.It was the one that Parvati had placed.The priest was about to pick it up and put it back when he noticed something amazing:
The leaf had moved enigmatrically, and come to such a strategic point, it started looking like the eyes and lips of the shivlinga. The next words that the priest said, were to be forever etched into Parvati's soul,
"You have made Shiva come alive"

"Ah, but father, I am alive because of Shiva. We are all alive because of Him"
Himavat smiled at his young daughter's wisdom.
"And one day, I shall meet him" continued Parvati
Himavat smiled at her faith.
‘And then, I shall marry Him" Parvati shocked the entire assembly of priests present in the ancient temple. But Himavat marvelled at her conviction.


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