We Know Him as Shiva

The ancient seers looked to the sky and the earth,

the stars and the beings,
and dwelled into the nature of things.
do some have feet,
and others, wings?
What is the origin, the design, of all beings?

What, the essence of all we are seeing?
Ah, but how to think of that,

whence all thought itself does rise!
They meditated long, and dove within,
then themselves rising,
gave a full moon smile.
"It is all ONE!"

All One, but in all places!
And goes too by many names,
as love, as peace, as praise...
Some call it God,
others, give their own endearing calls
to this endless, infinite, luminous Hall.
all is awake, all Buddha,
all is compassionate, all Christ,
all is playful, all Krishna,

all is bountiful, some call it Ma.
Others still, say Tao!

But the Himalayan Rishi saw,
and did mystically declare,
"Not the hall but the 'way'".

Yes, indeed, He is Infinite,
so each can have their say.
We know Him as Shiv.

The resolute. Mindful. Compassionate.
Yogi. Friend. Master.

Bringer of quiet repose and abiding joy.
Yes, Aum Namah Shivaye.


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