Vighna Harta Ganesh

You have all,no doubt , heard the famous story of how Ma Parvati made Ganeshji out from her own self.

She did this literally by lovingly collecting 'dross' from her own body and modelling it into a child, and then blowing life into it with the celestial magic that only she as Mother Nature possessed!

The simple meaning of this beautiful story is, that all comes from Shakti Ma herself, but the more important import is this: having come from God, we are forever a part of God,like a child who a parent loves always..

As Swami vivekananda would exhort from the Upanishads
" Arise ye children of immortal bliss"

We are children of immortal bliss, and many of our prophets and Buddhas and savants have repeatedly told us this. But we need to have a direct realisation,through meditations and dhyana, tapas and prayer, through bhakti or karma, through yoga or the kundalini tantra,

And, like any of life's journeys, when we seek to travel to a destination, is when we encounter obstacles on our way. Some of these obstacles become impossible to cross unless we are helped by a kind power.

Ganeshji, when he grew up from the beautiful origin as storied above, became , indeed Vighna Harta: The remover of obstacles, both in the material and spiritual journeys. So that all the children may realise their link with God and Mother Nature.

This Ganesh Chathurthi, May Ganeshi remove all the obstacles form our path and lead us to our own divine Self Realisation. Namah Shivaye.

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