Know Ganesha's body parts which symbolises deep meanings to life

Ganpati Bappa Moriya, Mangal Murti Moriya..!!

Bappa and his occasions are the true symbolism of auspiciousness worlwide.

We catagorically know Bappa for many reasons, being the most beloved son of Shiva Parvati, he is the first diety we worship on every auspicious occasion.

Understanding the philosophy of Hinduism, the most loved diety is considered the God of Knowledge, intelligence, learning and wisdom

On the hidden note, no one of us actually know the true meanings and symbolism of Lord Ganesha's body parts that pours in great significance to the human kind.

The unique body parts of Ganesha are a description of his character and also of the qualities that humans must adopt for spiritual growth.

Ganesha's Elephant-head:

The elephant is majestic in its nature and unique in character. Despite being enormous in size, its sensitivity, compassion in character, intelligence to think without limitations and strength of character to remove obstacles from its way is a true quality to uphold.
The Elephant head on human body is symbolic of abilities of human brain unkown to us.

Trunk of Ganesha:

Representing the om symbol, this trunk while eating sweet balls or laddu symbolises material prosperity and comforts.
With his trunk turned to the right direction is called Siddhi Vinayaka, which helps us in attaining ultimate happiness and moksha in life.

Majestic Ears of Lord Ganesha :

The large majestic ears of Ganpati Bappa indicates the fact that he listens to the prayers of every single human being who is devoted to him.

Four Hands of Ganesha:

Bappa enlightens souls, his four hands majorly symbolizes real meanings to life.

Bearing Lotus in one hand, symbolizing beauty of reality and enlightenment, second hand holds an axe or a hatchet that signifies detachment from all past karma, and narrow beliefs. Bappa's third hand holds laddu or the sweet ball symbolising pleasures of knowledge and wisdom.

His forth hand is Aashirwad Mudra' for granting boons or blessings from Lord Ganesha.

Single Tusk of Ganesha:

Significantly known and worshipped as Ek-Danta, representing that single tusk denotes singularity of Nature or the Absolute Truth of Universe.

Ganesha's feet:

Ganpati portrayed with one foot on the ground and the other resting on his knee, symbolising the fact that the enlightened person lives on earth without any attachment to material life.

Riding on a Mouse:

Gajanan always seen riding on the back of a rat, here rat stands for greed. The message Ganesha gives by sitting on a rat symbolise that a wise person must always control his senses, greed and desires and should never be ruled by it.

Universally known as the God of prosperity, Remover of obstacles, and God of wisdom.

Ganpati's blessings and worship brings prosperity and success to all Ganpati lovers.



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