Jammu gearing for intelligent traffic lighting system, hi-tech lights to be commenced soon

Traffic congestion figures are increasing day by day in Jammu city and in order to tackle the issue, Jammu Municipal Corporation is installing the intelligent traffic lights to facilitate intelligent transportation system. The new intelligent traffic management system will be controlling and streamlining the traffic movement on all major roads in Jammu. It will be a high-tech automation system with automatic number plate recognition and red light violation detection systems on all major junctions to have better traffic management in Jammu. The new intelligent traffic lighting system will help in smooth vehicular movement.

The Need

Traffic chaos is not a new problem in Jammu and is prevailing since years. It was year 2012, when electric traffic lights were installed in the city for the very first time to end the traffic chaos in the city but the purpose for what the traffic lights have been installed did not get solved and the whole traffic situation jumped from the frying pan into the fire. The reasons of the failure of the traffic lights effectively managing the traffic congestion included poor maintenance that lead to defunct traffic lights, lack of civic and driving sense and lean regulations against traffic violations, all of these turned Jammu city reluctant to get accustom to traffic light usage. With the technology rapidly changing, repairing old lights could not match up with the future needs of traffic management in the city. It is wise on administration part to have taken up the project and one can witness these traffic lights being installed at different locations of the city.

The Intelligent Traffic Light Project

The project is undertaken by JMC and is being executed under the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT). The cost of the same is estimated at Rs 21.95 crore which includes upgradation of existing traffic signal lights and installation of new such lights at 34 new locations.

The new traffic signal lights will be able to deal with most basic problems of traditional traffic light system by remotely monitoring from the Central Control using cameras, sensors and technology, detection of traffic volume on real time basis and change in signal light. Detection of emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police vehicles, etc. and required changes shall also be the part of this new system.


The project is likely to be completed well before the Annual Darbar Move and to be commenced around the same time period.

Cities are heading to smart city status and pursuing tech-enabled optimization and hopefully with intelligent traffic light, state-of-the-art system, Jammu is able to significantly cut down waiting times during traffic jams and it is the need of the hour that the legislations are made more stringent against the traffic violators; drivers are sensitized to respect traffic lights and the concerned authorities ensures that the system installed is maintained properly, ensuring green signal to the smooth traffic.

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