How the apps like sarahah creating utter obsessions and fixations in the minds of people

Marking up to a big disruption, the App projects a big question to itself.

The App developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq from Saudi Arabia began Sarahah as a website which was intended for employees to provide anonymous, honest feedback to their employers.

"Sarahah" is an Arabic word which means openness to honesty, quickly became a blown out hit throughout the world.

Obviously, it is not the first mobile app catching range to this extent but the USP of delivering anonymous messages to your contacts and loved ones has caught fire.

The most downloaded app is trending at number one on the App store of India; prescribing the heights of range it has cause overseas.

The incognito sarahah messaging app is derailing people and diverting their minds over the online systems most of times resulting in mental preoccupation and sufferance.

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How many of us realize what the social media addiction is doing to us?

The app that helps deliver unknown anonymous messages concealing the identity of a person where anyone can write anything for his identity will not be disclosed.

Why there is so much rampant?

Why the obsessions are not being controlled?

Social media dreadful impacts

The excessive inclination towards social media interactions has drowned the face to face communications resulting a person's low self esteem.

The Apps like Sarahah has left people into deep obsessions and fixation of mind towards online addiction.

Sarahah the incognito app will leave you unanswered for any message and push you in deadly thoughts for rest of your life.

Using the online apps excessively will make you neglect your personal life, mental sufferance, being victim of isolation and preoccupation.

According to a study, this will induce negative impacts, anxiety issues, mood behaviors and escapism in you.

The apps Like Sarahah cause illness to the mind which cannot be medicated because of the reasons being unanswered.

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Do you have any answer to that?

This is just one and many more are lined up to be left isolated and think ‘whom possibly it would have been'?

Sarahah and its dreadful impact

The crazy wave is creating a trajectory where millions of people are routing to its notion.

The unwanted urge to login apps again and again will drop down your psychological growth for ever.

Getting hooked to Sarahah where many Doctors of India consider it not apt for India, since it induces cyber-bullying.

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The world should head on for open communications where the scope of anonymity should not exist and the space for harmonious and interpersonal communications should be welcomed.

Signing off from such Apps is not a solution where the Apps like Sarahah are continuously bringing curiosity in the minds of youth.

Serving the good and bad on your platter is our job but signing up for a healthy life balance should be your priority.

You are in a free world to make a choice..!!

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