How the wave of Internet mechanism has changed the lifestyle of people over the years

The world has turned around for a big revolution that has completely changed our existence in the new Diaspora of worldly affairs.

The world has changed on a global space where a single second without internet is a deadly stage.

Is it an urgent need or created indeed?This is not so easy to answer at all

A change that changed many things

Today, we all sit with our families where maximum members will be seen busy over their phone and we are ultimately left with nothing productive to talk about.

Even though internet has changed our way of life completely bringing in more comforts, luxuries, personalized services and bringing things at door steps but it has taken us way apart from regular interactions and much needed laughter.

Creating global connections worldwide and what about a mother sitting by your side who waits every little second for you to get free.

We still remember the early times of togetherness and laughter where even a cup of tea with family was a memory for life.

Affiliating to it, the internet has brought in many positive as well as negative impacts over our lives.

Rule the world by your click

Internet brings in a proactive life for every user as long as you access it wisely over the screens. The internet today has revolutionized our lives towards the most comfortable era of living where a single click is enough for your ruling.

Internet is globally positive and it has proved its significance over the years and as a responsible user it is our duty to use it wisely forever.

Here's how the internet has changed our life completely over the years:

We connect globally with easy access

The world has become one global family now, social networks like facebook, twitter, instagram, whats app calls and voice calls are connecting us globally today.

Travelling and exploring the world is easier today

With easy access to online travel sites like Cox and Kings,, Make my trip, you are just a click away from bookings and reaching the sites along with knowing where to hop for best times. Booking your airline seats is easier now.

Find your Love online

Trending up for time indeed, this is obviously a big reason for online addiction. Many youngsters or even middle-aged have managed to find their love online which probably was difficult during pre-internet era.

Shopping online is a big hit

With the due course, today people are hardly left with anytime to shop or buy things for themselves. So it is categorically a great bliss for every internet user to buy selective things with lesser rates relatively.

Watch latest news and stay updated all the time

Not like earlier times, when people used to wait each day to catch the latest edition of newspapers. Today, the news apps like TOI, Jammu links news, the economic times, Hindustan times assures updating you timely.

Watch movies and book your show

With apps like Book my show, you can stay updated with the movie timings, book seats of your choice and know the price.

We salute the time in technologies that changed the world for a way better place to live and grow, assuring the fact that its obsession and addiction is still a deadly stake.

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