khaman Dhokla

khaman Dhokla Recipe is a famous snack of gujarat, and very popular in india. Dhokla is readily available in every part of the country and also sold as a frozen snack. Basically, dhoklas are served as a breakfast or snacks. probably, it wouldn't be wrong to term dhokla as idlis of western india.dhokla's are favorite breakfast recipe from gujarati cuisine.


for dhokla batter:

• 1 cup besan / gram flour
• 1 tbsp bombay rava or semolina or sooji
• pinch of hing or asafoetida (optional)
• ½ tsp turmeric powder
• 1 tsp ginger and chilli paste
• salt to taste
• 2 tbsp curd / yogurt
• 2 tbsp oil
• 5 tsp lime juice
• ½ tsp baking soda
• 1 tsp baking powder

for tempering:

• 2 tsp oil
• 1 tsp mustard seeds
• 3 split green chillies, slit lengthwise
• few curry leaves
• 1 tsp sugar
• few coriander leaves, chopped
• 4 tsp coconut, grated - optional

Instructions ( 1 cup =255 ml)

preparing dhokla mix batter:

1. firstly, take a bowl and add besan, semolina, hing, turmeric powder, ginger - chilli paste and salt.
2. and mix well with a help of whisk. now add yogurt, oil, little by little water and mix thoroughly.
3. make dosa batter consistency
4. in addition, add 3 tbsp lime juice.
5. also add baking soda, baking powder and mix thoroughly.
6. now grease the tray or tiffin box with oil.
7. then, immediately pour the mixture into the tray.
8. finally, place it in the steamer and steam for 10-15 mins.

tempering the dhokla:

1. firstly, heat oil in the pan and add mustard seeds chopped green chillies and curry leaves.
2. then add sugar, little water, salt and boil it until the sugar dissolves and switch of the flame.
3. later add lime juice and pour this mixture on the steamed dhokla.
4. transfer it into a plate and cut into desired pieces.
5. now garnish with coriander leaves.
6. finally enjoy it with green chutney and tamarind chutney.

Recipe Credits: Hebbar's Kitchen

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