Dogra's most enthralling superstitions for the early morning time series

The richness of Dogri Culture and cuisine along with our Dogri language has made its mark in the world today. All the Dogri people around the globe love their way of life and their Dogri traits.

We talk about Dogra's magnificent culture showcasing its rich food, occasions, dance and music but how many of us actually know about their superstitious nature.

No one I am sure..!!

Yes, Dogra's are very well known for their superstitions and credulity.

Thinking out loud on this note, there has been a list created notifying all the name of the places and things, the Dogra people generally have a strong notion and belief about not taking names specially in the morning till you have something.

Interesting, isn't?

So, let's hop on to know, what's there in the list:

1. Akhnoor

The name of this place is surely prohibited in every Dogra house during morning till you grab your breakfast. Well, sounding strange but instead of Akhnoor they call it Batte-alla-Shehar, believing that they might get to see troubles during the day.

2. Katra

Katra is also there in the list, though it's a place of Maa Vaisnavi, still Dogri people prevent themselves from taking the name of this place. It is popularly called Mata-ka-Shehar for the morning time, believing that they might face a tough day.

3. Samba

Coming third, this place is also under the superstition list. The name of Samba is not taken by Dogra people on an empty stomach, believing that they might not fetch anything for the day to eat. The place instead is called Sheetein-alla-Shehar till you grab a bite in the morning.

4. Kathua

The Dogra people somehow do not say Kathua in the morning; instead they might use Zilla (District) for referring the same. Every Dogra is well aware of these substitutes and even the kids also.

5. Udhampur

Udhampur also top the list where no Dogra will call the name of this place before breakfast, believing that they might get to see trouble time throughout the day. The place instead is called Buddha-pur as a substitute for the time being.

6. Monkey

What happened? Shocked..!!

Yes, the name of Monkey (Bandar) is not taken in the morning in any case, believing that the entire day will be left hungry and you won't be able to fetch anything for the day. Infact they make sure they don't even get to see a monkey in the morning.

7. Camel

Coming across with the same reason, the name of Camel is a big no for the morning show. Its name is not taken by Dogra's on an empty stomach.

8. Donkey

The Dogra's don't even call anyone by this name in the morning, no matter how furious a Dogra is. It is believed that you don't use donkey in the morning till you grab something to eat.

Well, these are just superstitions and notions which might be based on some facts or might not but being respectful to everyone's belief system is a way to happy life.



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