The God Current

One day Sati asked Shiva," Lord what is your glory, what is your Mahima?"

" I am Shiva, the yogi, ever immersed in Shiva, the tattva. And yet... and yet, so much in love with tattva as Sati!" He sighed.

"Why do they call you a brahmchari then?" She asked .

Shiva understood that this was not actually a casual question. He had come to realise Sati's innate wisdoms, which were often expressed in Her innocent questions; the answers to which could benefit all spiritual-seekers."

"The physical restraint of brahmcharya, is only a seat for Brahm - acharya, being established in Godhead." He replied.

"Aha, I see, but then why do I feel so deeply in love with you, even deeper than my admiration of your spiritual Nature?" Sati persisted.
"In the beginning was the One.

And he thought, may I be two, may I be many.
To love and to be loved.

And so the universe came into being."
"Ah, lovely," said Sati

"Yes. And an electrifying attraction happens in love.A spiritual preceptor can also bedazzle you with one look. Only later, you realise that love and spirituality run on the same

current," Shiva replied with mystic precision that was His paradoxical hallmark.

"Yes, for sure," said Sati softly, and closed her eyes in sweet repose.


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