Bonfire Nights

He was a Time traveller; He had been to many lands in many times and had known many different people.

But, no matter where it was that He sat, at the thought of Heaven, images of snow-clad mountains and a certain indescribable joy of togetherness would inevitably come rushing to His mind.

Another image almost always linked itself to the landscape: A gypsy tribe of fierce men and gorgeous women dancing around a bonfire of pure warmth, in a bonhomie that was incomparable in the entire Universe.

A bonhomie that He had now understood, led intergalactic travellers to search for this tribe like the Holy Grail.

If discoverers of the cosmos and Time travellers could find the tribe, surely the mountain Chieftain and His Queen would be spotted in the midst of it all.

Parvati. The very thought of Her made Shiva smile. She was the Queen Jewel seated in His heart as centerpiece, around whom, all the rest rallied in adornment.


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