Five Popular Dogri Phrases like ‘Badale di nahari, na dukh na bamari'

Dogras are considered to be the most affectionate and caring people. Along with their humble behavior, Dogras mostly residing in "Duggar Pradesh" or Jammu are believed to be great warriors and artists. Dogra culture is a mix of different castes and tribes which have established themselves over the years in Jammu, few areas of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and north-eastern Pakistan.

Every culture has its own characteristics likewise Dogra culture is famously known for its mouth-watering food, melodious folklore, exquisite art, inter-personal skills and belief in almighty. Apart from that, Dogras have belief in agriculture, land, wind, rain, crop etc. thus they have phrases for every incident just to make life more exciting and happening.

Few of the popular sayings used by Dogras are as follows:

Barai Magher daanen da dher

The above saying explains that if the crop is sown in the seventh month and fortunately it rains in the eighth month as per the Hindu calendar then it is believed that the yield will be good.

Ik Jau sille uppara jotar tille

The phrase refers to Jau i.e., Barley and explains that on one hand, barley is moist whereas on the other hand, the oxen are slow and lazy.

Jinda ae taan jahan ae

"Jinda" means health/body and this phrase explains that if one's body is free from ailments then only the world/universe is of some importance to him/her.

Badale di nahari, na dukh na bamari

This phrase provides the wisdom to live a healthy life. The translation goes like, "If breakfast is done early in the morning, it keeps all the ailments and pain away."

Khaiai sei jaana, maareyea nassi jaana

The phrase tells about the importance of sleep and its importance for health and well-being. The idiom can be translated as "Sleep after having meals and run fast after beating someone."

These phrases clearly speak volumes about the light-hearted nature of Dogras and their concern about health, well-being, agriculture, day-to-day life etc. These things serve as a great reference for their beliefs and ideas. So, keep speaking your mother tongue and enjoy cracking jokes every now and then.


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