I was particularly taken in by your spirit of sacrifice. It is said, that once all the Gods and demons realised that there was ambrosia in the Ocean.

But they had to churn the Ocean for this ambrosia. Casting their differences aside, they made teams, and using a mountain for the churner, and Vasuki, the largest snake available, as a rope, they churned the Ocean.

All was well, till they realised, that as a result of production of ambrosia, venom would also be produced, in sizeable quantity, by the vomiting of Vasuki, after such an ardous task. This too, had to be disposed by consuming, in accordance with the laws of Nature.

No one dared to consume their little portions of the venom. Everyone was interested only in the ambrosia. You stepped forwards and consumed the whole of the venom, because it was of prime importance to you, that all must get ambrosia, even if it meant your death. Thereafter they realised, that you were ‘Mahadeva' Lord amongst lords."


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