Shiva Parvati Diaries

The lessons with Shiva were endless. They had to be. His talk was profound, but so was His silence.

"You seem to be talking to me even when you are silent. Is it true or am I just too madly in love with you?"She asked.

"Silence is a language only a few understand," said Shiva. "Those special moments when silence speaks, when stillness gives wings," He whispered.

Even His smile was profound. Everything about Him was the embodiment of wisdom. Sati noticed that there were traces of this wisdom even when He joked.

"Tell me you love me," She said one day. "Prove it with your poems and clever words."
"Oh, but I do love you," He said."And it's when you specifically ask me to say that I love you, I find myself speechless; such are your charms and magic," Shiva laughed.
"Really?" Sati was pleased. "So go on, tell me more."

"Before I met you, I had no wants. I was okay with everything that already was, but now..."

"Now it's all changed, it's all different"

"Now you have spoiled the poor yogi," He laughed.
"Spoiled the yogi?" Sati looked at Him with a twinkle in Her eye.
"I mean, you have spoilt my timings for yoga."
"Oh, really? But you are aloof for days on end...and I thought it's me for whom you don't have any time..."

"That's only when some very technical thought comes to me. Then I can't let go until I see it to its logical culmination," He looked at Her.

"Yes, I know. I know, and I understand, Chintan," She said.

"But then, when I see you, and I see us together in this world, it all takes on a whole new meaning! The world is such a great place to be, with you by my side. I never thought I would want anything so much as your company."


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