Significance of the last Monday of the Shravan or Savan month

Shiva is ‘shakti' or power, Shiva is the destroyer, the most powerful god of the Hindu pantheon and one of the god heads in the Hindu Trinity. Lord Shiva, in temples is usually found as a phallic symbol of the ‘Linga', which represents the energies necessary for life in both worlds, that is, the world in which we live and the world which constitutes the whole of the universe.

The time to please lord Shiva is the Shravana Mas or Sawann month also known as Shravan mahina, a very auspicious Hindu month. The month of Sawan is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar beginning from Chaitra, and is the most auspicious month of the Chaturmas. On Purnima or full moon day, or during the course of the month the star ‘Shravan' rules the sky, hence the month is called Sawan or Shravan. This month is spread out with innumerably religious festivals and ceremonies and almost all the days of this month are auspicious.

Each and every day during the Shravana Maas has some significance. Each Monday of this month, known as Shravan Somvar, is a special day in Shiva temples where the Dharanatra hangs over the Linga or the idol to bathe it with holy water, day and night. Devotees pile the Linga high with Bel leaves and flowers and fast till sunset. No other Mondays of other months are so greatly honored. The belief is that in Sawan month, offering milk to Lord Shiva earns a lot of punya.

Shravan month is an embodiment of wealth, happiness and prosperity. It is also a favorable month for Marriages and other functions. Hence one should keep their homes neat. One should also put Rangoli in front of their houses. As a tradition, one should also put Turmeric and Kumkum to the door foots (Gadapa). It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi would like to reside in a house with Rangoli in front and which is neat and clean inside.

Hindu devotees from all walks of life gather to observe last Monday of the holy 'Sawan' month, which is dedicated and held in honour of Lord Shiva, the God of Destruction and one of the holy trinity. Prayers and offerings are being made by them on the last Monday of the holy month of 'Sawan'. It is believed that results are auspicious for all devotees who worship Lord Shiva during the holy month of Savan.



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