6 reasons why having a brother is a blessing

With eyes gleaming in the anticipation of gifts, silk thread ready to be fastened around the wrists and pile of kites ready to take their flight, comes the most awaited festive celebration of sibling's love. Rakhi, the day when all the trifling quarrels with siblings come to a hold. Talking specifically about brothers, what is the element that every Romeo dreads and almost every Juliet possess? Yes it's a Brother, the brother who is a stupendous superhero and vicious villain encapsulated in one and the side that pops out of him is directly proportional to the prevailing circumstances. At moments they can be a devil sans horns and tail and the very next they can be a guardian angel sans a white cloak and wings.

So, presenting before you a bulleted list that jots down the best part of having a brother-

• YOUR OWN SECRET SOCIETY: You can exchange secrets but mind you it can become their weapon of getting things done by you or else they will spurt it out in front of parents (which you know they will never do).

• YOU OWN THEM: The best thing about having a brother is that when you are in the direst need to torture someone, you have them. You will always have someone to pick fight with. You can empty that volcano of emotions on them yet make up for it later.

• PARTNERS IN CRIME: Parents are about to leave the house for an anniversary celebration and they appoint both of you to look after each other and study with the wire of television unplugged from the socket. As soon as they step out and the door closes with the creaking sound, both of you come to a base compromise. The books lie on the table and the kitchen is thoroughly scrounged for some snacks to savor it with the upcoming movie and a single blow of the accustomed horn that marks the arrival of the parents, the TV is switched off, remote is pelted to the side most corner and books once again come into hands. Woah mission accomplished.

• CODE LANGUAGE: Every sibling is a programmer with their own set of coding that includes gesticulation and synchronized movement of the specified parts. It is accompanied by the body language, a special melody for every sort of situation and/or wink. Best part is that this code language is unique just like our DNA and the fingerprints.

• THE MOOD SCANNERS: Trying to fake a smile to hide that sorrow due to break up or trying to control your anxious soul after getting a low score or trying to cover up that line on the forehead due to the upcoming parent teacher meet? Well you just can't. Brothers are well aware of every twitch of yours. Best part is that you can cry your heart out in front of them with all those ugly faces, be miserable yet their single hug can do away with every worry and set the castle of problem on fire.

• THE PROFESSIONAL WARRIOR FIGHT: Well I reckon that pillow fight is so old school and so very unprofessional. Fights with brothers are no less than a wrestle mania match. With all those choke slams, that turning and twisting of arms to the maximum saturation point, it disguises a professional warrior fight and it polishes the warrior within. (It sounds really cruel, but this is how it goes after all he is your brother).

Brothers are a blessing. They are the best counselors and the motivators, the best agitators and the best tranquilizers. They have the unique ability to turn the ordinary days into adventure and whenever the chips are down they can get you crack a smile even if you don't want to. Cheers to all the brothers. Thank you for being there. Always.



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