The Unknown Shaman

Shamshan Nath was no ordinary gana. He belonged to the Aghora sect-The most elite, but also the most terrifying Guard of Shiva. It comprised of some ganas from Himachala, Tibet and Mahacina, and others from the unknown reaches of the mountains called Shambala.

Aghoras were the earliest and foremost Shamans to whom absolutely nothing mattered, other than proximity to their Lord Shiva, at all times.
To be chosen into this Guard was indeed a rare honour for a boy from the Plains.

His mind raced back to the time when he had knelt before Shiva, who, seated upon His stone throne in the snowy Himalayas, had knighted him as a gana, friend of the order of Kailash."Arise, Shamshan Nath," Shiva had said ever so gently. "It is you who shall prepare for my arrival into the current life cycle." When Shiva clasped his shoulders to shake his

disbelief, Shamshan Nath felt as though a thousand bolts of lightning from a sky of knowledge and power had entered him. It indeed had. It was called Pervesa, the 'pervasion 'of gnosis.


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