‘Hats off to DOCTOR MOM': This woman paused her delivery to help another pregnant lady

KENTUCKY: A Kentucky-based doctor didn't forget her duties even when she was in labour pain. Dr Amanda Hess paused her own delivery to help another woman, who was suffering in agony. She was in her own room on July 23 when she heard a woman wail, and selflessly, went to help her. The other woman was Leah Halliday-Johnson, who was in labour with her umbilical cord wrapped around her baby's neck.

Although, the doctor was on his way, Hess decided to take it in her own hands as she knew the case needed urgent attention.

Sharing the story on Facebook, Dr Hala Sabry wrote:

"Hats off to this #DrMom and member of Physician Moms Group #PMG, Dr. Amanda Hess! This picture was taken minutes after she delivered her second child, Ellen Joyce! Not only does she look like a stunning model but while she was getting into her patient gown to prepare for her induction and delivery she overheard the nurses preparing for a woman in active labor who needed to deliver immediately because the baby was in distress - that baby was coming and needed help! The patient's OBGYN was on their way but Dr. Hess (an OBGYN herself) knew that the baby needed attention now! So, in her own words, she "put another gown on to cover my backside, put some splash boots on over my flip flops" and delivered that baby! She literally worked until the last second!!
Those mamas are bonded for life! And Baby Ellen (and her big sister Kate) will have fun hearing this story when they are older! Doctor moms consistently take care of their own families as well as their patients and their respective families all the time. Great job, Dr. Hess! Now enjoy your maternity leave!"


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