Bringing accountability can shift gears in the performance of government schools

In spite of the fact that people run after the best coaching classes to secure a seat for any professional course in the government colleges yet the same people hesitate going to government schools. The debate about the difference between government schools and private schools comes up quite often because every parent wants their child to receive the best education along with a good grooming in other fields as well.

Owing to the general perception that government schools provide better quality education, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of private schools in recent years. One can see number of private school buses picking up students early morning from different stops. But...

Time to ponder! Why?

The question arises, "What could be the reason behind their popularity despite the fact that most of these schools are pricey?

And why government schools are still not considered fit for education even when they have hired highly qualified staff?


As per the new study, student enrollment in government schools across 20 Indian states fell by 13 million from 2010 to 2016 while private schools acquired 17.5 million new students during this period. The insights are definitely shocking because even now, around 113 million students from 20 different states continue their education from government school; the figure amounts for 65% of the total school going children.

Despite the fact that Indian government schools provide free education until the age of 14 along with mid-day meals yet students are migrating to expensive private schools which speaks volume of the distressing trend.

Probable reasons

In this age of digitization, one expects his/her child to learn all important basic things about computer and related things but government schools are far behind private schools in computer education hence the decline in student enrollment.

Another major reason is the lack of good infrastructure and facilities required for the overall development of a student. Furthermore, parents want to inculcate qualities like punctuality, hygiene and discipline in their children from the very beginning hence they opt for private institutions.

On one hand, private institutions signifies social symbol for the rich while on the other hand, majority choose private because they do not have government schools in their vicinity. The problem is more acute at the school level as later, tables turn when it comes to taking admissions in the government colleges.

The elite of the society opts out of public schools for their status which also have a negative impact on the government schools. Keeping in mind all the above reasons as caveats, it can be said that public schools can definitely outdo private schools but only after slight refinement.

Crucial Changes

In order to compete with private educational institutes, authorities need to work on school infrastructure so that more students and parents can be attracted. The government should come up with strict norms for teachers to teach in English so that government school students do not feel shy or awkward when trapped in such a situation.

Despite the availability of funds, the infrastructure of most of the government schools is in a poor state thus in order to keep a check on the collapse of education system, public schools need to be made accountable. In addition to lack of accountability in the government school system, there is lack of accountability in teachers as well which makes it impossible for students to give better performance. If some rewards should be kept for the performers, there could be significant change in the results. Hence, academic monitoring along with monitoring of infrastructure can shift the gears to ensure quality education in public schools. The internal governance of the education system can bring accountability hence pushing both teachers and students to work persistently for performance reviews.

The major thrust should be on the cleanliness e.g., better washrooms, drinking water, computer labs, extra-curricular activities etc. As government schools already have the best qualified staff hence just a little change in fewer departments can bring a major change in the education sector.


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