Young Rising Star | Dance Talent Hunt Voting and Other Details

Jammu Links News is proud to have come up with series of events under the name of Stars of Jammu | Young Rising Star, with an aim to provide a talent platform for the people of Jammu. And keeping the motive in mind, Young Rising Star-  Online Dance Talent Hunt was instigated recently which was welcomed with open arms and witnessed virtuous participation from the young and very energetic children.

Thank you for your participation in Young Rising Star-Dance contest. Now the registration phase for the same is over, Voting will start soon which will be in two phases where phase 1 voting will shortlist 10 contestants and phase 2 voting will be only for top 10 contestants. The voting will play 50% as a decisive factor in finding the key winners in each category. Judges choice and voting pattern will play a collective role in deciding Top 5 in each age group category and these top 10 contestants will be shortlisted for the finale event where the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will be announced while the second phase voting will continue till the last day of the announcement.

1.       The winners in each category will be given trophies, cash prizes and certificates.

2.       All participants will be given certificate of appreciation from Jammu Links News.

PROCESS OF VOTING | Voting to open from 4th September till 25th September 2017 (PHASE 1) and PHASE 2 voting afterwards till the event date.


  Step 1. Download Jammu Links News App on the mobile phone of a family member.

  Step 2. Click on the Link Young Rising Star- Dance Contest on the App

  Step 3. After opening the link, you will be redirected to voting. Vote for your favourite Contestant id.

Kindly note that one device can vote once only which implies that one person can vote from one device only. To improve your chances of winning, let your friends and family members download the Jammu Links News app and vote for you. You may share the video at personal level appealing people to download the app and vote for you. Jammu Links News will also be promoting videos for maximum voting. Do read the terms and conditions of the contest available on Jammu Links News Mobile App.

For any query, kindly get in touch at 7006708580.





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