The One

"His mentions had been varied. Shiva the auspicious, Shiva the Warlord, Shiva the mountain God, Shiva the dweller of the cremation grounds, Shiva the creator of the universe, Shiva the destroyer, Shiva the ascetic, Shiva the loyal husband, Shiva the intoxicated, Shiva the meditator, Shiva the recluse, Shiva the Supreme spiritual master! Which One was He?"

"Yes, which one was He indeed, Gurudeva?" asked Shaunaka.

"One thing that stood out clearly in the descriptions, was that there was much paradox about Him. The moment anyone thought they understood one aspect of Him, immediately another would come and juxtapose itself in contrast. And that was the way He was known by most people: As the greatest enigma in the pantheon of the hindu Gods," continued Suta.


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