Monsoon rains and garbage dumping site wreak havoc in Bhagwati Nagar

The appalling truth of untreated sewage might be shocking for some if you don't know that around 95 million litres of sewage flows untreated into River Tawi every single day. Not only the waste is a major reason of water pollution but it also speaks volumes about the lackadaisical approach of the concerned authorities. These alarming figures come into picture before a Division Bench of State High Court via a Public Interest Litigation.

Sewage Treatment Plants in Bhagwati Nagar

Basically in 2013, the western part of the Jammu City (old city on right bank of river Tawi) earlier had no proper sewerage system in place and the 10 MLD sewage treatment plant (STP) at Bhagwati Nagar used to cater to few regions only. Then it was told that a systematic sewerage network is being established in western part of the city by Urban Environmental Engineering Department (UEED) and Economic Reconstruction Agency and two new sewage treatment plants with 27 MLD capacity (UEED) and 30 MLD capacity (ERA) will be constructed for proper sewerage management.

As of now, there are around three Sewage Treatment Plants in Bhagwati Nagar out of which the one which has a capacity of 10 million litres per day but the same is underutilized as it treats only 5 MLD and the other 30 MLD plant is inoperative whereas the one having a capacity of 27 million litres per day is under construction.

Dumping sites

Thus, the sewage treated on a daily basis is considerably less than what is generated daily. Apart from this, the major issue is the illegal dumping of municipal solid waste at Bhagwati Nagar which is not only polluting the environment but also causing major issues for the local public. A road runs along this dumping site which has knee-deep potholes hence in monsoon, one can hardly drive or walk on this road without getting hurt. In addition to all this trouble, there is huge foul smelling garbage dumping site on the roadside which amounts to massive difficulty for the general public.


Since the area comes under MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma, so we request him to kindly look into this matter at the earliest. The dumping site issue needs to be dealt by Jammu Municipal Corporation but at least the broken roads can be repaired ease off the suffering of the people who travel by that road.

Apart from that, the dumping sites must be set up in places far away from the localities so that recycling that can be done in a proper manner without hassling people.


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