Shivalingam Namha

One day, Sati asked Shiva,"Tell me, what is this thing about the Shivlinga being yourrepresentation?" Shiva smiled. "The Shivlinga means many things at many realms, each true for that level of subtlety. It is a symbolic representation of absolute transcendence, Omkaar, the impersonal God leading to esoteric and spiritual understanding." 

"I see." said Sati

"Whereas, in my Yogi roop," Shiva continued, "Worshippers love me as their personal God, the ishta, you know, the one with all the stories and folklore they sing of. But in the

shivlinga is how the ancient rishis conceived God in His unborn, invisible form . It is

worshipped equally popularly as the Image of my own self, or as me!" said Shiva."And in abundance, with some variance, across many lands, from a long time .


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