The first time Shiva went into a cosmic trance, He was thrilled to bits. And He realised that's where His story began: 

In a cosmic trance.
He was thrilled, because in His trance, there was a vague realisation that, since there was no real ‘beginning' to Him, so too, there was no end.
And yet the enigma of His self remained, because again, dreamily, even He could not tell when it all began.

He had serial memories of the past, lucid visualizations of a future, strangely woven together into a spiritual Déjà vu.

It was like a flight, which, after cruising across the most surreal skies, always arrived consistently and without any landing error, to the place where it had begun; indeed, the place, where it had always been.And He awoke always, to see himself in Kailash.
That it was the first time He went into trance, was a
self -contradicting phenomenon. The trance itself showed Him that there had been more.


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