Bhindi Rava Fry

Bhindi Rava Fry Recipe is basically a stir fried okras or ladies finger, coated with rava / semolina and other ground spices mainly served as snack or side dish for a meal. This bhindi recipe is generally stir fried or shallow fried till crisp and shares the similar characteristics to the most popular north indian kurukuri bhindi recipe.


• 10 bhindi / okra / lady finger
• 1 tsp kashmiri red chilli powder / lal mirch powder
• ½ tsp turmeric / haldi
• ½ tsp aamchur / dry mango powder
• pinch of hing / asafoetida
• 1 tsp ginger garlic paste
• ½ tsp salt, to taste
• ½ cup rava / sooji / semolina
• 2 tbsp oil, for roasting

Instructions ( 1 cup =255 ml)

1. firstly, wash the bhindi and wipe off clean, cut the head and tail.
2. further slice them half.
3. add in 1 tsp chilli powder, ½ tsp turmeric, ½ tsp aamchur, pinch of hing, 1 tsp ginger garlic paste, ½ tsp salt.
4. also add ½ cup rava and mix well.
5. combine and squeeze all together well and soak for 30 minutes.
6. heat the kadai with 2 tbsp oil.
7. place in bhindi coated with rava.
8. cover and simmer for 5 minutes or till the bhindi gets cooked well.
9. flip over and contine to roast on low flame.
10. cook till the bhindi turns crisp and golden.
11. finally, serve rava bhindi fry as a side dish or enjoy with tea.

Recipe Credits: Hebbar's kitchen

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